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Frequently asked questions

For more detailed information, visit the BayCards GitBook.

BayCards is a platform that enables users to convert their Solana into gift cards for everyday use.

BayCards integrates with top e-commerce platforms via APIs, allowing users to purchase gift cards from a wide selection of brands instantly. Users can buy gift cards with their Solana and use them for shopping at their favorite retailers.

BayBot NFTs are unique digital collectibles that offer various benefits within the BayCards ecosystem. With a total supply of 3,333, these NFTs can be staked to unlock different membership levels, providing rewards such as BayCoin earnings and exclusive offers.

BayCoin is a token used within the BayCards platform. Users can earn BayCoin through various activities, including purchasing gift cards, staking BayBot NFTs, and participating in platform engagement programs.

We charge fees on a tiered system as follows:

Non-Holder: 3%

Bronze Holder: 2%

Silver Holder: 1%

Gold Holder: 0%

Learn more about our fee structure in our gitbook.