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Unlocking Value with BayBots: A Guide to Our Reward Tiers


Welcome to BayCards, a revolutionary marketplace where you can purchase gift cards and earn remarkable cashback rewards through our unique system. At the core of our rewarding experience are BayBots, your key to unlocking exceptional value on every purchase you make through our platform.

Core Concept:

BayBots are integral components of the BayCards ecosystem, enabling users to earn cashback through Baycoin, our native token. By holding BayBots, you are investing in the BayCards community’s growth, optimizing your rewards, and elevating your shopping experience to unprecedented heights.

Rewards Structure:

The BayCards marketplace has designed a straightforward and transparent reward tier system based on the number of BayBots a user holds:

  1. General Access (No BayBots Required): Explore and utilize the platform with standard features. This level does not include savings benefits.

2. Silver Membership (Stake 1 BayBot): Activate the potential to earn Baycoin on most purchases on the BayCards platform, enhancing your shopping experience.

3. Gold Membership (Stake 6 BayBots): Elevate your savings significantly in this tier, substantially increasing your benefits and earning potential.

4. Diamond Membership (Stake 15 BayBots): Experience the pinnacle of rewards and exclusive privileges. This top-tier membership offers the highest level of savings and earnings and special access to premium features and services on the BayCards platform.

Every tier opens up a new realm of possibilities, empowering you to make the most out of every transaction on BayCards. The more BayBots you hold, the more you earn!

Importance for Users:

Holding BayBots isn’t just about the rewards; it’s about being a valued member of a community that’s shaping the future of online shopping. BayBots represent a commitment to innovation, user empowerment, and the pursuit of value. By holding BayBots, you are contributing to a marketplace that’s built around the principles of fairness, transparency, and mutual growth.


BayBots are your gateway to a rewarding shopping experience on BayCards. By understanding the different reward tiers, you can make informed decisions and maximize the value you receive from our platform. So, whether you are a casual shopper or a seasoned spender, BayBots offer a versatile and enriching experience, allowing you to earn more with every purchase.

Join us in redefining the e-commerce landscape and be a part of a community where every user is valued, every transaction is rewarding, and every moment is filled with endless possibilities. Start your journey with BayBots and unlock the true potential of online shopping!